Monday, April 20, 2015

Indonesian Gemstone Market : The Increasing Gemstone Fever

There is an ongoing and increasing trend in Indonesia lately, involving gemstones – especially from local variants. This is not a new trend, actually, as the Indonesian government had tried to increase the market for such business as well as improving the standard living of everyone involved in the business – such as miners and the polishers – around the 90s. But the trend was going up and down, and now it has shown a positive result by going up since 2013.

Why Indonesian Gemstone Market Increased

There are different reasons why people choose to collect gemstones. Some people are simply attracted to the natural beauty of the stones. Even before being polished and such thing alike, the stones have remarkable appeal and beauty that can’t be defeated by other objects. When the raw stones have been polished and turned into different kinds of jewelries – rings, pendants, necklaces – the beauty is even increased and the price is certainly going up. Some people are attracted to the value, and think that collecting the stones is a good type of investment. They usually collect natural minerals and stones, such as gold and also these stones for investment. Some claim that they are somehow ‘connected’ to the stones since the first time they laid eyes on those stones, believing that there is a chemistry going on between them and the stones.

The stones have various price ranges, from the cheapest IDR 50,000 to even billions of rupiah. People are willing to spend extra money to satisfy their needs for the stones; some are even willing to spend millions of rupiah on monthly basis just to satisfy their needs of the stones. Some people have collected several stones, while some have hundreds of stones for their collections, claiming that their values can go up to billions of rupiah.  After all, local Indonesian gemstone is unique; it is pretty hard to find stones that have the same quality and look elsewhere. It is no wonder that there is a claim that Jakarta is the house for the best gemstone in Indonesia.

Some people sneer and have negative opinions about this trend, but everyone involved don’t really care about it. Stone miners get the perks and profits from their activities, and they are more encouraged to find the most beautiful and unique stones so they can sell the stones in high price. Stone sellers and polishers are also enjoying the popularity. Some stone polishers in his store in Jakarta claims that he can get at least 10 polishing orders, and that’s the polishing job only. Some claim that they can get at least IDR 50 million monthly profit from Indonesian Gemstone Market.

How Long Gemstone Market in Indonesia Growth Up ?

But fevers tend to last for shorter period of time. After Jakarta has been rocked with Anthurium and its skyrocketing price that had lasted for 2 years, the same trend is happening again. Will this gemstone fever market last for longer period of time?